How to Attract Money Through Abundance Affirmations

how to attract money

While everyone seems drawn to discovering and learning the law of attraction for different reasons, one of the most common motivations is to become a money magnet. But is it really possible to learn how to attract money?

Since everything is made up of energy, how do we manifest wealth?

One way to do so is by using abundance affirmations.

Here are good examples of abundance affirmations that can help us manifest positive thoughts about getting more money.

Tip 1: “I am a money magnet. I attract abundance, wealth, and prosperity.”   

You end up attracting whatever you manifest or think about. By virtue of this universal law, you’re a magnet.

With an abundance mentality and using the affirmation above, you essentially become a money magnet.

Remember, you cannot attract money if you have the mindset of a poor person.

Tip 2: “Money flows effortlessly into my life.”      

Money is just one of the countless forms of universal energies. Since it is classified as energy, you can bet that it flows virtually everywhere.

Through this affirmation, you state that money easily flows into your life. By saying this affirmation repeatedly and visualizing money flow into your life, the frequency of the energy levels is raised significantly.

Your energy beckons more money, as it is an energy tool.

Tip 3: “I allow myself to receive wealth in many ways.”   

By allowing yourself, you essentially give yourself permission to do something.

Instead of simply using the affirmation, “I am attracting huge amounts of money,” the affirmation outlined above uses the strong word allow’. This translates to less resistance. It enables you to open up the windows that lead you to financial opportunities that come your way.  

Tip 4: “Money is good.”   

Practice abundance affirmations like this that emphasizes positive feelings. Another example could be: “Everywhere I go, I attract abundance and prosperity.”

Experiment with the different choice of words. Then choose a specific affirmation or belief that strikes a special chord with you.

Tip 5: “I don’t have any money.” 

Be mindful of your words. Remove the word “poverty” or any related phrase completely from your vocabulary.

Think and focus on the unlimited potential presented to you by the universe. There is absolutely no lack anywhere, but only in the minds of those who do not believe.

Affirmations allow you to become aware of the opportunities that give you the power to manifest and create anything.

Through abundance affirmations, you simply ask and it is given to you. Besides positively envisioning and thinking of money or wealth, you must act as well.  

Remember, you can achieve anything as long as you believe and remain consistent with your abundance affirmations. Apply the law of attraction in your life today and let it work wonders for you.

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