10 Achievable Tips on How to Overcome Shyness

how to overcome shyness

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Is being shy automatically built into our systems? We cannot be sure but the good thing is that we can overcome it. Severe shyness can lead to extreme antisocial behavior. A little shyness can also be a stumbling block.

You can do a lot to deal with shyness, but only if you decide to be gallant. You can give these solutions regarding how to overcome shyness a shot and achieve a sense of confidence around other people:

1. Look people in the eye. Even if you might feel like you don’t want to look the other person in the eye, doing it might help you become comfortable around people. Focus on details such as the eye color of the person speaking or listening to you. Fixate on their eyes and try to get all the details on the color and you might feel less shy and more confident.

2. Redefine your personality. If you label and think of yourself as a shy person, you will actually be shy. Get rid of the thought and feeling that you are shy and think of yourself as a bold person. Don’t advertise your shyness, it isn’t as visible as you think.

3. Encourage yourself. Instead of always seeing yourself as shy before actually speaking up, boost your self-esteem by self-encouragement and give yourself a leg-up. Be good, gentle and kind to yourself above all other people.

4. Focus on the person next to you. When you start visualizing yourself, you become uneasy. Focus on the other person and think about what they are saying, how they are saying it and their mood while saying it.

5. Come up with captivating ideas for conversations. Prepare a few good stories. You become more relaxed around the other people once you take part in conversations.

6. Practice. There are many ways to practice- you don’t necessarily have to be with friends to get this done. You can build up your courage by asking random people short questions and go from there. Ask strangers for the time or directions. Talk to the cashier or the person next to you in line.

7. Wear good clothes. What you choose to put on really influences how you feel about yourself. When you dress appropriately, you go out feeling bold and relaxed. If you are not presentable, you will go about doubting yourself.

8. Relax your breathing. Your body responds to your breathing. Panting will make you very uncomfortable while relaxed breaths create a feeling of comfort and composure.

9. Be adventurous. Try going beyond your normal routine. Get into other activities, overcome new obstacles, and build up your self-esteem. Work toward the best version of yourself.

10. Be courageous and interact with others. Do not curl into yourself. Make new friends and open up to people. You will discover that this way, people will like you more and that everyone is friendly to those who are friendly.

It might be in your nature to be withdrawn and introverted, but you don’t have to be shy your entire life. It takes practice to be comfortable in social situations. With the right approach, you can learn how to overcome shyness and be relaxed everywhere you go.

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