Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset: Which One Do You Have?

Your mindset is what compels you to take a certain action or makes you refrain from doing something. It influences how you see yourself and those around you. The various types of mindsets can mean different things to each individual, regarding how and why they think as they do. In this article, we are going to explore growth mindset vs fixed mindset.

What kind of mindset do you have?

People who have a fixed mindset tend to believe that their skills or qualities are set and cannot be changed. They have a set of beliefs about many things including their intelligence level, personality or character. They have the tendency to limit themselves and focus on proving themselves to others.

Some of the sub-mindsets of a fixed mindset include:

  • Fear mindset
  • Lazy mindset
  • Envy mindset
  • Greed mindset
  • Short-term mindset
  • Angry mindset
  • Follower mindset

Characteristics include:

  1. Blaming others for things that are wrong
  2. Lazy habits
  3. Relying on addictions
  4. Insatiable and always want more
  5. Self-absorbed, with little thought of others
  6. Limited initiative to achieve
  7. Obsessed with what others do or say
  8. Waste time
  9. Come across in a negative way

People who have a growth mindset are apt to believe they have a basic set of qualities that can be cultivated and developed through their efforts, strategies, and help from others.

Some of the sub-mindsets of a growth mindset include:

  • Social mindset
  • Business mindset
  • Dreamer mindset
  • Gratitude mindset
  • Confident mindset
  • Creative mindset

Characteristics include:

  1. Willing to help others
  2. Solve problems
  3. Think big and know what they want
  4. Feel gratitude for what they have
  5. Eager to learn
  6. Dedication to achieve and grow
  7. Able to change and develop skills
  8. Embrace challenges
  9. Learn from failures

What type of mindset is the basis of your thoughts and actions? 

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