10 Things to Do to Make Your Relationship Stronger

I know I’m not alone when I say that relationships are a lot of work. The good thing is that everyone’s experiences in relationships can serve as a lesson to the rest of us. In this piece, I share a few ideas on how to make your relationship stronger.

  • Make time for each other.

This seems hard to pull off in the dizzying world we live in, but it can be done. It could be dinner together, an afternoon at the park or even a few days of travel.

  • Get to know her sexually.

Sex brings loved ones closer, and you need to learn, really learn, what turns your partner on. Invest time in asking, experimenting and learning. When you love someone, their pleasure is also yours.

how to make your relationship stronger

  • Do something random for each other.

Normal is boring. Make things spontaneous from time to time. You could buy her a random gift or plan some surprise parties. Whatever you do, make sure it has an aura of mystery around it, and it will be more enjoyable for both of you.

  • Keep your eyes on hers.

The eyes are powerful organs. Gaze at each other time and again. It keeps the sparks flying and reaffirms your dedication. It is especially important to maintain eye contact during emotional or intimate moments.

  • Let her know what you like.

If she knows what you love doing, she will invest time and resources in helping you achieve that. If you know what she likes, you will work toward helping her get there.

  • Say “thank you”.

Whenever she does something nice for you, no matter how trivial, say “thank you”. I had a partner who would say “thank you” even when I got her a glass of water. It was great because it made me feel special every minute of my life whenever she expresses her gratitude to me.

  • Snuggle with each other at night.

According to a study by Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire, 94% of people who hold each other while they sleep are happy in their relationships.

  • Split chores.

When you divide the jobs that have to be done around the home, then the burden on each of you is lessened. Apart from that, doing things around the house together is actually a great way to bond.

  • Celebrate each other’s achievements.

Love is all about being able to celebrate the highs of your relationship together and sticking together through the lows. If she has managed to work her way up her career and has now made manager in her company or partner in her firm, grab a bottle of wine and toast to her success.

  • Give each other some space.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. You do not have to be around each other all the time. Plan a working trip with your workmates or go out on a girls-only thingy with your girlfriends. Have him touch base with his boys. You will think a lot about each other when you are not together and will have a ton of things to talk about when reunited. 

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