What Is the Key to Happiness?

What is happiness? Its meaning varies from person to person. For some, it’s about having a happy family, financial security, or even a successful career. Whichever way we define it, we all have the same question: What is the key to happiness?

1. Your needs are met.
When you are happy, you usually don’t even have any needs that aren’t being met to the level you want them to be met. It doesn’t mean that you are not having a hard time. It’s about making the most of what you have to fulfill your needs.

2. You feel satisfied.
When you are happy, you simply feel satisfied with your life. You feel good about what you have reached. You feel very satisfied when you look around you and see what you have accomplished, whether it’s where you live, who you live with, or just about who you are as a person.

3. You feel content.
You are content about the things in your life- your job, home, family, and health. Nothing nags you or causes you stress that you cannot bear. Yes, you do have stress. Who doesn’t? But you’re just better at feeling content even when things aren’t perfect.

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4. You are at peace.
You are at peace when you believe that everything will turn out okay. It’s also when you are good at turning negativity around to positivity.

5. You view happiness as a journey.
Happiness is not a destination that you get to one day and stay at. It’s a lifelong, rollercoaster journey that will have many ups and downs. Despite the joys and struggles in your life, you still manage to feel good about it.

While it’s unrealistic to stay away from any form of stress to feel happy all the time, it takes strength of character and emotional maturity to handle anything that life throws your way. What is the key to happiness? Right, you have to do more than think positively to feel happy. But it does start with your thoughts. Consequently, these thoughts will manifest with your actions— actions that will make you feel satisfied, content, and at peace.



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