How to Help a Man with Low Self Esteem

Even though you may not think much about it, it always feels good when someone takes the time and makes the effort to help you feel better about yourself. Whether it’s a compliment, gesture, or facial expression, it feels great to know someone is considering your feelings.

Have you ever thought about making an effort to strengthen your partner’s self-esteem? It’s important to demonstrate your love and affection with actions that help increase his positive feelings about himself.

Try these strategies on how to help a man with low self esteem:

1. Notice the little things he does for you. Does he always open doors for you or pull out your chair when dining out? Perhaps he consistently asks what you’d like to have for dinner.

Say something like, “Wow, that was so nice,” or “I really appreciate a man serving a meal for me” to boost his feelings about himself.

2. Take delight in your partner’s presence. Even at the busiest, most hectic times, stop what you’re doing to acknowledge his presence. Greet each other with love and care. He will feel great when you pay more attention to him than to anyone else in the room.

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3. Compliment something he does well. Does he cook the most delicious meal when guests are coming over? Does he always clean your car inside and out, making it look like new? Compliment these gestures of love from your partner. After all, not everyone can do as well as he does it. Let him know that.

4. Notice when he really enjoys doing a task or other activity. For example, say something like, “I can tell that you had a great time helping Jack paint his house today. And you did a fantastic job!” Your positive comments to your partner about what you notice about him serve to shore up some extra self-esteem.

5. Show consistent support and confidence when he appears to be struggling with a particular issue. If your partner is trying to lose some flab, for example, and has been disappointed with the results, let him know you see his efforts and that you believe they’ll pay off.

Comment something like, “Let’s take a 15-minute walk every day after work before dinnertime” to demonstrate your strong support for him. He’ll feel cherished to know you’re there for him.

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6. When your partner makes a change, be aware of it. Compliment the change.

For example, if he shaves off his beard or tries a different style of clothing, make comments such as, “You look so young without your beard” or “That color of shirt complements the color of your eyes very nicely. I think we should get you some more clothes in that shade.”

One of the most important factors about being a partner is to always be there emotionally for the other person. Using strategies that raise your partner’s self-esteem will strengthen your relationship and deepen the love and respect you feel for each other.

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