How to Deal with Trust Issues with Your Partner

Being in a mature, healthy relationship feels amazing. Things seem to be lighter, knowing that you have someone to share things with and talk with at the end of the day. On the flip side, it requires effort and patience to make the relationship work. 

It’s normal for it not to be a bed of roses sometimes. In all likelihood, you’re probably going to come up against trust issues in your relationship. Regardless of whether it’s because of unfaithfulness, a decrease of your own self-confidence, or changes in your partner’s attitude, both of you can pull it through and make it work despite it all.

how to deal with trust issues

Making your relationship work may be a bit of a challenge sometimes. But you can refer to these tips in solving your trust issues should it spring up.

1. Work on your confidence.
It could be that your personal insecurities are getting in the way of your relationship. Try finding out why you feel that way.

Is it because of significant changes with how you look? Or you got kicked out of your job, and you feel that it is affecting how you see yourself? Do you have high expectations of yourself, and you feel that you are not good enough?

There are many reasons why you would feel insecure. If left unresolved, it could take its toll on how you are in your relationship.

2. Look back at your past.
According to psychotherapists, our childhood can affect our adult life.

Did something happen when you were little that made it hard for you to trust anyone now? Were you hurt that bad that you now have a cynical view about giving your heart to someone? What would you do to get the better of what happened? Would talking to a therapist help you in finding the root of the issue?

3. Clear up hurts and offenses.
It’s normal to feel distrusting when cheated on. It’s not easy to just forgive someone and let it slide.

It might take some time. But it is possible to get past it all if you and your significant other are willing to recommit and make things better.

Your partner has to understand that you are hurting and that it requires a process to heal.

4. Commit yourself again to each other.
It would help if both of you would do something concrete to commit yourself again.

It could be renewing your vows if you are married. Or even going on a trip and doing sweet nothings like leaving each other love notes. You would be surprised how helpful it could be.

Relationships require constant work. Courtship does not stop even after you get married.

5. Set aside some time to be together.
Get to know each other every single day. You cannot expect your partner to be the same with who he or she is five years ago. The same thing goes with you. Your needs change. Personalities change.

Make an effort to be there for each other to witness and be a part of those changes, big or small.

Trust is not just about believing that your significant other would be true and honest to you. It is also about having faith that they will be there for you in good times and in bad. After all, you are each other’s best friend. You got each other’s back no matter what life throws your way.

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