How to Be a Better Partner in a Relationship

I’m pretty sure you have already heard that it is easier to fall in love than to maintain a relationship. You have probably asked yourself how to be a better partner, too. Although it’s unrealistic for your relationship to be a bed of roses all the time, keeping the fire burning consistently would help you avoid one of those relationship-killers out there. And what is that?


Complacency has its way of sneaking into your relationship without you even realizing it. You are so comfortable knowing that your partner is just there that you sometimes tend to take their presence for granted.

So how do you maintain a close, intimate connection with your significant other even after being together for a long time?

1. Accept your partner’s flaws.
Everyone has imperfections. Everyone makes mistakes. A healthy union is built on acceptance and forgiveness of those imperfections. As a couple, seek to create a warm and safe space where you can be who you are without fear and anxiety.

2. Support each other’s interests.
Celebrate your differences. Get to know your partner and the things that she is interested in. Supporting her in her interests is like allowing her to preserve her autonomy and identity.

3. Choose your battles wisely.
There will be moments when some of the things you do will hurt and annoy each other. In trying times like these, choose to give up your way on the small things. It’s important to provide the kindness and compassion that make the other person feel valued despite their shortcomings.

4. Meet each other halfway.
Be willing to compromise when you find yourselves locking horns. Putting yourselves in each other’s shoes will make you see where the other is coming from. Find a common ground where you can settle your differences with kindness and understanding.

5. Divide your tasks.
A relationship is a two-person system. Having just one person run everything will make things challenging for both of you. Whether it’s doing chores, paying the bills, or deciding how to spend your time together, make sure that both of you will contribute one way or another. Or at least take turns choosing what to do. A relationship is some kind of a partnership. No one is superior to the other.

6. Show your appreciation and love in small, frequent ways.
Oftentimes, when a couple has been together for a long time, they settle into a routine and neglect to notice the little things in each other. They even assume that the other knows how he or she feels. Try dating your partner like you did when you were just starting out as a couple.  Plus, saying “Thank you” or “I love you” often will make the other feel appreciated and assured. Giving small and inexpensive gifts throughout the year also says more about your affection than one large present on your anniversary which is very predictable.

Maintaining intimacy and making ways on how to be a better partner can be tough sometimes. But it can also be the source of delight for both of you if you know what to do. Take small steps, commit to loving your partner in good times and in bad, and always look for new ways to express your affection.

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