Am I Ready to Get Married?

“Am I ready to get married?”
If you’re beginning to ask yourself this question, then I congratulate you because it simply means you are taking the concept of marriage seriously and you have the common sense not to rush into it. Marriage is a beautiful thing. And it is definitely worth it when you are ready for it.
Saying your vows before you are ready simply because so many of your friends are taking the plunge and you worry that time is running out for you might be a little bit tricky.

Enhance your chances of having a successful marriage by considering these points:

1. Know your partner inside out.

One MAJOR mistake you can make is to become engaged or marry someone you barely know. Think twice before making any life decisions when you are in the early stages of courtship. It takes quite a bit of time for you to truly know someone you love. Note that if you wish to experience peace and joy in your relationship, there are only two ways to achieve it— you either get what you want or learn to be satisfied and happy with whatever you have. You either accept your partner as he or she is or you can choose to move on. The decision is ultimately yours to make.

You must realize that your partner isn’t perfect. However, choosing to love your partner anyway is a good indication that marriage is possible in the near future.

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2. Share the same core values.

It is perfectly fine not to share the same hobbies, likes, or interests. But you must agree on some core values. These core values include children and parenting, religion, money, and family time. Before you tie the knot, talk with your partner and reach an understanding in dealing with these. While you don’t have to share similar views in regard to these values, you must know how to handle issues when they crop up.

3. Make an effort to keep the fire burning.

While most individuals view relationships and marriages as hard work, the most challenging bit is finding a suitable mate. It is worth noting that everything that comes after is a labor of love.

Relationships are essentially gardens that require nurturing because without it, they die a natural death. However, if marriage is something you want, the responsible thing for you to do is to put in the effort to make sure it thrives. Over time, you either grow together or grow apart. Remember, honest communication is a guiding principle for relationships as it lets you know decisively the direction you are heading with your partner.

Even though some people feel that communication and hard work help in overcoming relationship obstacles, nothing overcomes being in a relationship with someone who is not on the same page as you.

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The suggestions discussed above can help you determine if you and your loved one are walking on the same path toward marital bliss or not. May they serve as your guide about whether you are getting married for the right reasons. 

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