8 Tips on How to Get Her Back for Good

Had a fight? Broke up? Are you laying out the cards of reconciliation on the table? You may be thinking about how to get her back for good. Well, relationships sometimes end in bitter accusation and whirlwind of doubt. You have probably said or done something and she fought back. Now you have little time left to think what you lost and you want to win her back.

You desire for that second chance to be reunited with her. And with that, you could do these useful tips on how to get her back.

1. Be honest.
Honesty is a virtue that can revive your relationship in the shortest time possible. Confess what you have done (assuming that you, indeed, did something). And be sincere in letting her know how you are going to correct your mistakes.

2. Consider your differences.
You must understand that she and you are not the same. Everyone reacts to issues differently. Therefore, don’t blame her for turning her back to you. Understand and accept your differences.

3. Set realistic expectations.
Getting her back is not a walk in the park. It might be more difficult than you can imagine. Set your expectations right so you won’t get disappointed when she acts stubborn.

4. Don’t be quick to give up.
Don’t get discouraged because winning her back will require a lot of dedication and commitment. If getting her back is worth dying for, then press on. When she notices the effort that you show in getting her back, she will truly know how sincere you are.

5. Add a bit of humor.
Women like jokes. As you set your conversation rolling, try to make her laugh to lighten the atmosphere. She might even forget what made you two break up. Focus more on how you will treat her when she is back. Talk about those memories that you had together and you will slowly win her over again.

how to get her back for good

6. Clean up your act.
This is an essential aspect of getting her back. Don’t expect her to trust you that easy right away. But know that she still sees your old self in you. Your old self whom she fell in love with, that is.

7. Have the right attitude.
Getting her back calls for having the right attitude. Display some maturity.

For example, if the cause of your misunderstanding is your jealousy over someone else, consider talking about it calmly. Instead of hurling baseless accusations, perhaps you can say something like, “I’m glad you have friends whom you can confide with. But I am uncomfortable with the fact that you spend so much time with ______. It might just be me or my fears and insecurities, but I would appreciate it very much if you assure me once in a while.”

It might be a little uncomfortable on your part to say what you feel but try it. It might just work.

8. Make a move.
Finally, make a move. Apologize over what you did. You may send her flowers or whichever you think would soften her up. For some women, flowers do the trick. For some, old-fashioned love letters do. You could also meet her in person and take her out on a date or trip somewhere.

These tips are just suggestions. You know her better to know which one would make her fall for you again. It’s not easy to maintain a relationship. Sometimes our temper escalates in the middle of an argument. You can do these steps in resolving conflicts calmly.

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